2012-02-10 06:40:07 by Deih

Hello! I'm taking commissions paid via paypal, if you are interested in me to draw your original characters, fanarts, or whatever you ask such as hentai, yaoi yuri etc.

If you are interested feel free to write me a private message here on New Grounds, or send an e-mail to the following adress:

Here you have an "summary" of my prices. If you want a detailed list for sketches, linearts and miniatures with examples check out this link: DETAILED PRICE LIST

Every price here is for FULL COLORED ILLUSTRATIONS:


-Chibi: 5 EU (7,5$)

-Portrait / Mid-body: 10EU (14,4$)

-Fullbody/Knees: 20EU (29$)

-White/transparente BG:
-Simple Background (Texturiced, photoshop brushes etc): 1EU (1,4$)
-Complex Background / extra stuff (Scenery, room furniture...) it starts from 5EU (7,2$) but better ask.

-Of your OCs, a person you want me to portrait, etc... 10EU (15$)

Paymentsmust be paid after I accept your commission and before I begin drawing. Once the illustration is finished you will recieve via e-mail two files: one in jpg, with watermarks which you can upload to you website etc, always crediting me, and another one in .TIFF format without watermarks and in A4 size so you can print it if you want, this one must not be uploaded to anywhere else.

Thank you very much : ) If you have any doubt feel free to write here a comment or send me a private message.